The encounter of a broken heart and a fisherman on Lamu island in Kenya created AliLamu on the shore of the Indian Ocean. 

Using when possible recycled Tanga (boat sails in Swahili) the AliLamu team from Nairobi to Lamu create an amazing collection of unique products, ranging from sturdy bags to bed covers and pillows, and some extraordinary pieces of Art.

All products are hand made with the most eco friendly materials possible and also totally animal free. All our products are vegan.

Each piece is stitched, washed and painted by hand and made a 100% by HEART !

Women’s work and impact

Stitching on bags and accessories is done by hand and largely by women. This work provides women with means to support themselves and their families.

It is accepted that rural women contribute 90% of their income to the family, as opposed to rural men who return as little as 40%, according to the research from Women’s World Banking (WWB).

We’d relish to empower more women by offering them work. The women can carry on a large part of their stitching work from home while caring for their families.