ALILAMU Ltd is a small company in Kenya making bags and art by hand and always with the heart.

AliLamu was originally founded by Ali and Daniella,

Together they created the first bags and art from old sailcloth called “tanga”. The old sailcloths are from Dhows, local sailboats used at the east african coast. Wind, sun, rain and seawater and many years on the Indian Ocean have weathered these tangas into real pieces of art.

We use this old and also new sailcloth to create beautiful different size bags,art, pillows, aprons and much more , Alilamu grew to become an international brand of design. In 2016 a new partner strengthened the Alilamu team for its further development.

Each piece will be made by many different hands from Nairobi to lamu, together as a team we can bring you the love and joy of Alilamu.

Women’s work and impact

Stitching on bags and accessories is done by hand and largely by women. This work provides women with means to support themselves and their families.

It is accepted that rural women contribute 90% of their income to the family, as opposed to rural men who return as little as 40%, according to the research from Women’s World Banking (WWB).

We’d relish to empower more women by offering them work. The women can carry on a large part of their stitching work from home while caring for their families.